Wake up, smell the coffee and play the game

Parameters, global score and ranking


During the game, the council members must find a balance between various dimensions of the Lao coffee sector. These dimensions are represented by the parameters listed below. Each member has one main and two secondary interests. The parameters guide the members of the council in their respective positions and decisions. Over the course of the game, you will see that the parameters are not clear cut but may overlap, contradict, and complement each other.

Health of the Environment

Environmental health refers to the capacity of the environment to provide humans with valuable ecosystem services. Ecosystem services include the provision of oxygen (through photosynthesis) and the pollination of plants (resulting in the growth of agricultural produce), and many more.

Livelihood outcomes of local coffee producers

Livelihood outcomes refer to the capacity of local coffee producers to satisfy basic human needs, whether these are physiological, sanitary, social, or psychological.

Economic Attractivity of Lao Coffee Sector

This parameter describes the pulling power the Lao coffee sector exerts over its different stakeholders, be they investors, workers, or state actors.

Interconnected with the Global Community

Interconnectedness describes the extent to which Lao stakeholders are economically, politically, and culturally connected to international actors.

Governance Capacities of the Lao Government

Governance capacity describes the capability, scope of action, and implementation success of the Lao government in shaping and regulating the coffee sector.

Global score

Keeping an eye on the global score

The global score indicates how well the council is managing the coffee sector as a whole. Every time a parameter value falls below 10%, the global score drops. If the coffee beans are used up and the score is below 0 at the end of the game, the council has failed to keep the coffee sector in balance.


Ranking – who has won the game?

If the council has managed to keep the coffee sector in balance, i.e. to keep the global score above 0, the person who has obtained the highest individual score (and thus best represented their character’s interests) wins. The main interest counts double, but this doesn’t mean the other interests should be neglected. In the ranking, the scores are displayed in the form of coffee beans, the number of which indicates how well a role has advocated for his or her interests. The ranking and the scores are always in relation to other roles and their performances. The ranking is therefore only informative after a few rounds of playing. You can always check the ranking by pressing the trophy button in the top right corner, to get an idea of how well the various characters are doing.